Welcome to 70 Years of Modeca Bridal

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Welcome to 70 Years of Modeca Bridal

The day I decided that life was bridalicous, there was suddenly magic all around: Modeca 70 Years.


This year Modeca marks it 70 years in bridal. It is not a huge surprise that we are very excited and proud to celebrate 70 years of providing “Dutch Design” together with our partners and friends as well as our brides-to-be and therewith Modeca brides.
And of course that was and is something worth celebrating – which we also did in the Grote Kerk in Naarden, The Netherlands.

Well, Modeca has come a long way; we first started in 1946 in Oldenzaal, The Netherlands, as a little shop that sold lace, buttons and other little knick knacks. After a while, Modeca successfully moved on and started designing hand crafted bridal designs. From that point on, Modeca has jazzed up the bridal industry since.

But we also realise every day, that our bridalicous day life is dependent on many people around us as – for example – the Modeca stores and all our gorgeous Modeca brides.


Dick van Zutphen, owner and director of Modeca Bridal:

Dick van Zutphen - Director Modeca We are pleased about all the input and ideas we get from brides-to-be and we take this very serious as it is also the baseline for our next collections – basically the dresses our partners are stocking in their bridal stores. We bring to life what the future Modeca brides want to see and what they are dreaming about. Because of this we are able to create and to deliver the specific dream dress each of our brides is keen to wear on her special day.
We look and listen – to everybody and we try to see things from different perspectives. For us it is important to have a finger on the pulse of current affairs and to be ahead of time, without losing our own identity. This can be a thin line – but it is important to process and to develop. And that is something we can only do when we do it together with our Modeca stores and also with our brides.


You are giving us your trust and therefore, how wonderful it is to say two magic words which are truly meant: THANK YOU.


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