Make it Your Dress: How to find the Dream Dress

Make it Your Dress: How to find the Dream Dress

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There are no “INs” and “OUTs”.


The most important aspect of a wedding gown is that it is “your” wedding gown. Every person, every bride is unique and therefore it is obvious that every bride has to find the wedding gown that is “made for her” and for “her big day”. Most of the time, every bride has a specific imagination of “her dream wedding dress” and it is a key thing to find exactly what she wants and she feels comfortable in.


From our perspective at Modeca we can’t say that there are “INs” and “OUTs”. It is not us who are setting the trends. Our Modeca brides do. You do!
We are just bringing these trends to life – that’s Dutch Design.
Every bride is different and every bride has her own style. Things that might be a “no go” for one bride can be a “must have” for the next bride.


Everything is possible when it comes to design and also accessories belong to this section of course. Therefore it is also our goal to make everything possible for the bride if she has a special wish regarding her dress or certain accessories she would like to see with her dress.


We want to see our brides shining bright at their most important day. And when a bride smiles, you don’t see any “INs” or “OUTs” – you only see her smile.


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