Francesca fully in love with her Modeca dress

Modeca  Inspiration   Francesca fully in love with her Modeca dress

Francesca fully in love with her Modeca dress

At Destiny Bridal in Middlesbrough Francesca found the dress she won with Love Our Wedding Mag.


For the October issue of UK’s Love Our Wedding Magazine Modeca had tied the knot to set up a fantastic competition, giving a future bride the chance to win a bridal gown from the gorgeous Modeca Collection.


And what can we say?
We have a lucky winner and the very happy bride-to-be has already found her Modeca dream dress!
25 year old Francesca from Co. Durham is a “bride to be 2017”, a supermum, an actress, a social media manager and a blogger, running
Together with her friends and family she went to Modeca store Destiny Bridal in Middlesbrough,UK to browse through all the beautiful dresses from Modeca Collection. Looking for her ultimate wedding dress she was amazed by the gowns she saw, from their incredible use of lace, delicate layers of soft tulle and expertly crafted silhouettes.


Ellen McNulty with her manager Angela and Dick van Zutphen, owner of Modeca Europe BV

Ellen McNulty from Destiny Bridal (right) with her manager Angela and Dick van Zutphen, owner of Modeca Europe BV

Also for Ellen McNulty, owner of Destiny Bridal in Middlesbrough, it was special when Francesca became a Modeca realbride: “Well, when they walked in they brought champagne and champagne glasses and they all celebrated the day before even trying a dress on. They were a great bunch of people, lots of positivity and love surrounding them all. They were fun, friendly and the perfect combination of friends and family. We had a wonderful day and when she fell in love with her Modeca dress, their was crying, hugging and just a great celebration of love for Francesca, it was special.”


For us at Modeca it’s key to Make Magic Happen. And so it is for Ellen McNulty and her team from Destiny Bridal. “The magic in bridal is seeing the happiness you’re bringing to so many people. Getting married is a very special day in someones life, so to be part of this experience is just wonderful.”


“I am in love with my dress and I felt amazing,” Francesca stated after all. She got engaged in Milan at the end of September and will be getting married in July 2017. Francesca and her husband have given themselves 10 months to plan their wedding! They are going all out on making her marriage the way they want it for the big day and you can follow their story on Francesca’s wedding blog.


Francesca finding her Modeca dress at Destiny Bridal in Middlesbrough


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