Dutch Modeca store celebrating 75 years in bridal

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Dutch Modeca store celebrating 75 years in bridal

The Dutch Way: Gefeliciteerd Bruidsmode Lisa!


In today’s short-lived times it is truly something special if you can look back on 75 years in bridal business – and so can Bruidsmode Lisa.


With a long history in trade, Modeca store Bruidsmode Lisa started around 1941 in Losser, a municipality and a town in the eastern Netherlands. During these times of World War II, Lisa Snippert was running this business, mainly supplying haberdashery and bridal fabrics. But then the demand for wedding dresses itself increased and Lisa decided to change her tactics, taking the decision to become a bridal store.


As a family run bridal shop, Lisa’s daughter Tini joined the business later on and in 1966 she moved the business from Losser to Hengelo in Beekstraat – 20 km away from Losser.


16 years ago, today’s owner Doreen Veldhuis took over the bridal store, after having been with Bruidsmode Lisa for a long time already. With the right feeling for bridal fashion and always being at the pulse of time, Doren Veldhuis has taken Bruidsmode Lisa to the next level in weddings and bridal dress shopping.
During tough times of economy, Doreen was brave enough to move the store again to a more prominent spot in Hengelo, opening the doors of Bruidsmode Lisa in Drienerstraat in 2008.


“Since then we are exactly here at the right place-to-be where we have created an absolute welcoming and vivid atmosphere for our brides”, explains Doreen Veldhuis. “For us it is key that you feel like coming home, when you enter our store. But we are also keen on creating some privacy for every bride who wants to find her dream dress with us. Therefore we have separated the fitting areas from each other so that every bride with her family and friends have their own space.”


With having almost the complete Modeca Collection and Le Papillon by Modeca collection on stock, there is no doubt that Doreen Veldhuis and her team have a passion for bridal and the right feeling for every bride entering Bruidsmode Lisa in Hengelo.


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