Dutch Design – Bringing Fabric to Life

Dutch Design – Bringing Fabric to Life

Make It Your Dress - Dutch Design

The creation of a Modeca dress: Fabrics, beading, embroidery and a lot of passion are making the gown.


Have you ever asked yourself what it takes to create a wedding gown?
Well, for sure that takes a little bit longer than many people would think of…


Of course you can create a gown within seconds – but then we are talking about the creative ideas you have in mind but not about the complete process which is due to follow after these moments of creativity.
You need to consider that quality always takes time.


The specific designs of each label – our Modeca Collection and Le Papillon by Modeca – are being created within our team in The Netherlands. As we are a very small team, we have the luxury to decide together what kind of fashion we will focus on for the next season. Therefore we can really say “Modeca – Dutch Design” as it says within our logo.


Mainly two team members are coming up with ideas for the next collection. Sketches need to be drawn as it is important that the gown you see in front of your inner eye is also visible on a piece of paper for the complete design team. During this period of time specific design which gives each label its own handwriting come to life. Together within the whole design team we are giving these ideas the final polishing for each single dress of both labels; we handpick every single fabric and all material as well as the matching beading or embroidery ourselves.


After these steps which have to be taken with care we can bring the dress to life in reality and let it shine bright. And also we ourselves are always amazed when we have the dress finally in our hands and can show it to our Modeca friends and Modeca brides.


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