Dutch Couture: 2017 Le Papillon by Modeca

Dutch Couture: 2017 Le Papillon by Modeca

2017 Le Papillon by ModecaHere comes the new Le Papillon by Modeca bridal collection and it’s to-die-for!


The 2017 Le Papillon by Modeca collection gowns are bridal perfection, showcasing wow-worthy styles and chic, on-trend design. Each one features luxurious lace, whether it’s on the bodice or head to toe, for an elegant finish. Embracing the understated elegance and the finesse of classic style, this line still concentrates on gorgeous lace and stretch lace dresses but also shows elegant designs with fuller and richer skirts, which is completely new for 2017.


Tokio - Le Papillon by Modeca 2017


Focusing on detailed embroidery, especially Le Papillon by Modeca comes along with a high-end approach, focusing in beading and glamour which is making a difference to everything else.


You’re guaranteed to feel gorgeous in one of these sophisticates, feminine silhouettes.


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