click, click, click… the camera says

Modeca  Inspiration   click, click, click… the camera says

click, click, click… the camera says

Modeca store Icon Bridal surprises with fantastic images of Le Papillon by Modeca photo shoot.


There are many reasons why you can fall in love with photography, not the least of which is that a photograph – or a series of them – has the ability to convey stories to those that view them. By taking a camera you have an amazing tool which can be your voice to tell a story. And that is exactly what Icon Bridal, based near Northampton in the market town of Kettering, have done: They have told their story about 2016 Le Papillon by Modeca.


A photograph has the ability to convey emotion, mood, narrative, ideas and messages – you can find all that in the Le Papillon by Modeca photo shoot by Icon Bridal. This story about the inaugural 2016 Le Papillon by Modeca collection is a statement. Dresses in finest lace and stretch lace with vintage undertones and contemporary sophistication for the modern bride can be found in this fairy tale of photography. The fantastic and enchanting setting embraces the understated elegance and the finesse of classic style, whilst concentrating on unforgettable dresses with shaped waists and figure-sculpting lines see a theatrical Hollywood take on traditional siren-style with flirty peplums.


With this photo shoot by Hannah Hall Photography, Icon Bridal has proven how bridalicious the wedding world can be if you are simply bridaliciously bright to tell your own story whilst getting inspired by iconic fashions throughout the decades, capturing style and elegance.


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