A South African Modeca bride: I Knew I Found My Dress

Modeca  Modeca   A South African Modeca bride: I Knew I Found My Dress

A South African Modeca bride: I Knew I Found My Dress

When you think that love can’t make everything possible, then think again…


When you know that you have found the love of your life, this person is giving you wings to fly. But even though you are flying high, you can’t avoid having a look at all day reality. And therefore it can also be quite a challenge to keep on flying.
But that love can make everything possible shows this extraordinary story from and about Reandi and Bernhard, who got married in March this year in the beautiful countryside near Dullstroom, also known as Emnotweni, a small town in Mpumalanga, a province in South Africa.


May we invite you to listen to Modeca bride Reandi, who is sharing her wonderful and also breathtaking fairytale story with us…


“My husband’s name is Bernhard, we met in 1999 when we moved to Nelspruit, a city in northeastern South Africa. My father was the new principal at Laerskool Nelspruit and his father served on the governing body. They became best friends and Bernhard and I met through them.


We liked each other as friends and secretly had a crush on each other but never told the other one about it. Our paths split when i went to university and he went for training as a field guide in the Sabi Sands Nature Game Reserve. I finished my studying and began to work as a teacher, I soon got a job in Oman teaching children English there for two years. In my 1st summer holiday I came back to South Africa and only spent time with family. I prayed to Jesus , just show me the man I am going to marry – I don’t want to fall in love and have a long distance relationship…


Two weeks before I had to go back to Oman for the new school year, Bernhard sent me a text message and asked if I wanted to go to their Game Farm in the Klaserie for a few days, maybe go do some hunting… I did not want to go; but my father insisted me on going…
Needless to say: That were the BEST 2 days I have ever spent with someone! I fell in love with him 10min into our 3hour drive to the farm. We talked and talked and it felt like I was away with my best friend. We got home, not knowing how he felt, I gave him a hug and said goodbye.
The next day I bought him a gift to say thank you for the lovely weekend away. I went to their citrus and macadamia nut farm and we sat on a small peak overlooking the whole farm. We spoke and spoke and then he put his arm around me… I got butterflies… it was amazing… the next moment we shared our first kiss…


Reandi Walters with school childrenBernhard Walters farmingI had to say goodbye for the last time before I had to go back to Oman and my heart was broken. We made it work for 1 year when I was in Oman.


We visited Dubai and traveled in the UAE. When I got back to South Africa I started a teaching job again at Laerskool Nelspruit and he started to farm on Friedenheim Landgoed Farm with his father.”



The Proposal


“It was on the 5th of October 2015 he asked me to marry him.
On the farm, with the citrus trees all around us, fairylights in a tree, he went old school down on his knee and asked the magical question. Over the crying of joy in said YES.”


The Modeca Dress


“My mom and I couldn’t wait to start the dress shopping. On the 10th of October 2015 I fit 43 dresses. I am very particular of what I wear. We went into a little boutique called Bridal Room; that was the 1st time I fit the dress. I was still only at my knees, I haven’t even had it on yet and I started to get emotional, I KNEW I FOUND MY DRESS…
As the lady laced me up I just told my mom… WOW…WOW…WOW…. I turned around, they opened the curtain and my moms face lit up like it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen in her life. We both got emotional and she put on my veil, I was sold… The lace detail, petite flowers of lace, the two 3D look of the lace underneath lace was something I have never seen before. The dress was flowy and soft, it looked like I was wearing a cloud with lace and detail. The lace that went over the dress at the bodice top part made it look like a sweatheart and I just new: This dress is unique, it’s me.”


The Wedding – Being with the Love of Your Life


“The day of the wedding everything went smooth, not one thing went wrong.
I didn’t let my dad see me get ready. He said he wouldn’t cry, but he did. I would never forget his face – this was very special…
My husband and I live on the farm now, I am still teaching and he is still farming. They export their oranges to Europe, so he is very busy. I love my husband because he is so kind, he is caring, he would do anything for the people he loves. He is a hard worker and goes the extra mile to help his dad with the farming. He supports me in everything I do and want to do. He is a good Christian farmboy with the love of nature and that’s what brought us together. We love the bush and fishing…”


“I am really the luckiest girl to have found the man I never dreamed of having… I got better…”


bernhard-walters-with-oranges Reandi and Bernard Walters Reandi Walters with school children


Venue: The Silver Sixpence | Videographer and Photograhper: Lense Flare | Caterer and Flowers: Unice Ann Catering and Flowers | Hair and Makeup: Queen B | Bridal dress: Modeca Collection | Bridesmaids dresses and Flowergirl dresses made by the bride herself | The small details: The Mother of the bride and herself


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